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About Us

EUTECNET is an Engineering leading company specialized in Compressed Air and Gas Generation (Nitrogen and Oxygen). We offer Pneumatic and Hydraulics Solutions which include Air Compressors, Tubing, Fluid and Gas Handling, Air Treatment, Electromechanical and Climate Control Solutions.

Therefore, we deliver Global Solutions for the Industry and to serve this purpose we have three business lines:

  • Industrial Components and Spare Parts Distribution
  • Specialized Technical Service
  • New and Refurbished Nitrogen Equipment

We are strategically located in El Puerto de Santa María, where we deliver services all around Spain and export to more than 15 countries.



Our technical sales team will offer you the best industrial solution and advise you on products and services that best suits your company at a competitive price.


This is the key to get the most competitive prices. We negotiate with our suppliers, purchase agreements and plan the stock for every client in regard to their supply and demand.


Ensuring delivery times and quality is a major priority for us, that is why our logistics department take charge of managing the deliveries, negotiating costs and delivery times with logistics operators so that the goods arrive as soon as possible and ensuring the continuation of the production.

Furthermore, we coordinate the delivery with our clients in order to offer them the terms of delivery that suits them, as well as putting our facilities to their disposal to solve storage difficulties.


The Technical Team is in charge of the set-up, inspection and maintenance of Compressed Air and Nitrogen Installations so that they are always at their optimal performance. Follow our technical instructions, and you will increase the utility time of your installation.


We are components and spare parts distributors of leading brands in the market, prioritizing quality and safety of our products. Our technical sales department will look for the best technical solutions for each client according to their needs.

Thanks to a close collaboration with world leading suppliers, we can offer a wide rage of components and spare parts so that our clients may carry their industrial project out. This allows us to offer competitive prices by planning stock based on their demand. 


Technical Service is the core activity of Eutecnet. It is authorized Parker Technical Service. After more than 20 years in the technical Nitrogen and Compressed Air Sector, it is still working on assuring high performance and safety of the instalments:

Set up  of installations:we make sure your system is perfectly assembled and start up the equipments so that they perform safely.

Training: we give technical training and prepare our clients to safely control their system. 

Preventive Maintenance and Technical Service: we plan regular inspection following the manufacturers’ indications in order to assure the maximal energy efficiency.

Phone Consultation: we’ll answer your questions and technical inquiries so that we can assess you about how to properly use the equipments.

In-person Technical Service: we attend to your installations in order to carry out inspections, maintenance work and reparations. Moreover, we’ll pick the damaged equipments up, and we will repair them in our facilities. Meanwhile, we will offer you a replacement equipment.

Compressed Air Quality Audit: we will check that your installation meets all the quality standards in order to increase the utility time of your equipments.


We offer you a Nitrogen Generation Equipment based on your specific needs. Working with the industrial leading brands allows us to ensure quality and safety so that they perform as long as possible, saving on maintenance and renove costs.

Our Technical Service will also assess you on the equipment that best suits you and give you technical advice so that they will last as long as possible and perform at their highest.


Furthermore, Eutecnet’s Technical Service is in charge of refurbishing second hand equipments so that they work as they were brand new but at a much lower price.



We want to be your Trusted Partner. This means that we will design and offer you pneumatic, hydraulics, electromechanical, filtration, fluids and process control solutions so that your industry never stops.

Our technical solutions are brought together through three business lines, industrial components and equipment sale and a powerful Technical Service, which can solve any of your technical inquiries and problem.

We prioritise quality and energy efficiency, therefore we only work with suppliers that meets all the quality and performance standards so that our clients are more competitive.

Trusting in us as only suppliers, our clients reduce the number of suppliers, and therefore they reduce the operational costs and time. We offer them favourable commercial conditions as well as reducing delivery time.


We work tirelessly to become a national and international supplier and industrial solution company where our client is located at the centre of our activity, giving them high quality products and services  that meet their needs and goals.


  • Knowledge and experience in the sector
  • Quality of the products and services: We have been certificated by official ISO Certification
  • Client-oriented, giving them personalised solutions of great value added
  • Confidence and compromise with our clients and offering them support throughout their value chain
  • Closeness and specialised support, analysing the client’s needs and offering them custom-made solutions


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