The connectors are considered as connection elements between different product lines such as valves, hoses and tubes that work at different pressures in sealing and shielding.

Eutecnet markets a large number of connectors, each of which has been tested by the most demanding quality systems.

You will find connectors for sealing and shielding adapted to each of your needs.

What kind of sealing and shielding connectors do we work with?

Low pressure connectors

In the hose and coupling industry, low pressure connectors for sealing and shielding are made of various materials such as stainless steel, zinc, aluminium and brass.

In our catalogue for low pressure and sealing and shielding connectors you will find a wide range of products of the best quality and finish.

Medium pressure connectors

The medium pressure connectors for sealing and shielding, whose guarantee of continuous quality tests, are found in different sectors of industry.

In the catalogue for medium pressure and sealing and shielding connectors you can see the different models that Eutecnet commercializes.

High pressure connectors

In sealing and shielding, high pressure determines the type of connector to be used, i. e. high pressure connectors are products of widespread use and high quality due to the harsh conditions in the systems that are used.

Check out our catalogue to see how many options you can choose for high-pressure connectors.

Parker Legris Connectors

The well-known Parker Legris connectors are the ideal solution for industrial connections in sealing and shielding designed to increase efficiency in industrial systems.

In our catalogue you can find pressure fittings, custom products, technical piping and hose, for industrial valves, industrial guns, snap action couplings, adapters and manifolds.

Veriflo Cylinder Connectors

The set of Veriflo cylinder connectors is a guarantee given the great experience in the sector of this brand that has been tested before customers all over the world. Veriflo offers stainless steel accessories, valves, regulators and manifolds, which are available in our Veriflo cylinder connectors catalogue.



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