Today, process control valves are in high demand in industry for their usefulness in controlling leaks and pressures of the fluids with which they work.

Our process control valves are designed to withstand the wear and tear of demanding applications for years to come.

What types of process control valves does Eutecnet work with?

Ball valves

Ball valves for process control are intended for use in on/off applications, they are also efficient in high flow and pressure management and can be found on the Eutecnet B, PR, MB, HB, MPB, SWB and Hi-Pro series.

In our catalog you can find a large number of models of this type of ball valves for process control that Eutecnet makes available.

Needle valves

One of the main features of needle valves for process control is the hermetic seal with a wide variety of sizes and models among which we can highlight the series V, U, VQ, NP6, SN6, PV and MPN.

For process control needle valves, we want you to find in our catalogue the model you need for your industry.

Double block valves

One of the main reasons for the manufacture of double block valves for process control is the reduction in leakage by valve combination. This product arises by combining pipes and valves in a single product.

We recommend that you take a look at the catalogue that Eutecnet makes available for double block valves for process control.

Check Valves

Check valves for process control are unidirectional and are used primarily in the oil and gas, pharmaceutical and energy sectors.

Eutecnet has a catalogue for check valves for process control, where we want you to find the model you need for your industry.

Proportional Relief Valves

Proportional relief valves for process control belong to the high pressure valve group. They provide their industrial systems with protection against dangerous leaks with the consequent damage to the equipment.

Browse our Process Control Proportional Relief Valves catalog, where we introduce you to the HPRV product series.

Safety valves

The process control safety valves are equipped with a spring that opens when the water pressure is exceeded, thus allowing the pressure to be released through the flow of the liquid. We recommend the process control safety valve model of the RL4 series which you can see in our catalogue.

R-Max system for process control valves

The R-Max system allows both filtering and flow switching to be integrated into a single, small device using an internal self-purge head to eliminate the need for an additional output loop.

This R-Max system can be found in the R-Max system catalog for process control valves.

Mass flow control

The Gas Mass Flow measuring system is primarily designed for measuring the mass flow of gas generally in chemical processes. You will find in our catalogue the models of the controllers 500/600 Series Mass Flow Meters and Controllers, 100/200 Series Mass Flow Meters and Controllers, 3600 Series Mass Flow Meters & Controllers, 3200 Series Mass Flow Meters and Controllers, 2200 Series Mass Flow Meters and Controllers and MPC Series Mass Flow Controllers.



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