Valve manifolds are systems that improve the safety of valve connections by simplifying installation and reducing costs in process control systems.

The valve manifolds marketed by Eutecnet have passed a large number of quality and effort tests.

What models of process control collectors does Eutecnet work with?

Series “H”” 3 and 5 Valve Differential Pressure Manifolds

The purpose of the H series of manifolds is precisely to simplify the installation of valves and also the removal of them, since they allow the safe opening and closing of connections that may arise in the handling of gas fluids.

In our catalogue for H-series process control collectors you will find a wide range of products of the highest quality and finish.

Series “H”” two-valve manifolds

Improving the characteristics of the H series of manifolds, the new purpose is precisely to simplify the installation of two valves and also the disassembly of the same ones since they allow to open and to close in a safe way the connections that can arise in the manipulation of fluids of gases.

In the catalogue for H series collectors for process control you can see the different models that Eutecnet sells.

Hi-Pro collectors for high performance instrument control

Designed with remote mount static pressure purge manifolds, HI-Pro series process control manifolds are manufactured from 316 stainless steel, 6 psig maximum cold working pressure, designed with two-piece body.

Check out our catalogue to see how many options you can choose for HI-Pro series collectors for process control.

Accessories for valve manifolds

Behind the design of the well-known process control manifolds there is a large number of accessories that you can find in our catalogue.



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