Pneumatic valves are a line of products where their main mission is to provide solutions to pneumatic and directional control in industrial automation tasks.

In Eutecnet we offer quality products, each model goes through an exhaustive control and rigorous tests that make that each connection to each valve offer an excellent performance being used in a constant way.

Our pneumatic valves are made to withstand the wear and tear of years of use in demanding cases.

What types of pneumatic valves do we work with?

Solenoid valves

The well-known pneumatic solenoid valves allow total control of the flow of air, gas, water, steam, etc. They are designed for critical tasks where the precision of the closing and the opening position determine its efficiency.

In our catalogue you can find 2, 3 and 4 ways; in this way we make sure to cover the need that the customer may have with respect to any type of fluid control application.

Ball valves

Pneumatic ball valves are intended for use in on/off applications and are equally efficient in high flow and pressure management.

Double shutoff or purge valves: As its name suggests, it improves its hermetic capacity since it is two stopcocks controlled by manual action which allows the opening or not for the passage of fluids. Their main advantage is in their ability to avoid possible leaks, making them "easier””; to handle due to their smaller size and weight.

Submarine Ball Valves: Made and designed for applications that are in a submarine environment. They are especially demanded by the oil industry and also by wind power. They can be 2 or 3-way and are capable of withstanding a pressure of 3810 meters deep.


A safe way to control the pressure carried out by different applications is by means of the well-known activators and regulators. Perhaps the most demanded are those used as pressure reducers.

Due to the role they play they have to act in a robust and reliable way, the pneumatic activators can be double or single used in the chemical, nuclear, electronic, automotive, etc. industries.

It is necessary to have control of the automation of pneumatic valves and to carry out the process in a suitable way, to assemble regulators according to the application that will use them.

You can find all the information about pneumatic valves in our catalogue.



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