Thanks to their quick couplings, pneumatic hoses can be connected and disconnected quickly and cleanly, which provides a great advantage in industrial processes in which pneumatics is present.

Eutecnet specializes in marketing a large number of pneumatic hoses with the peace of mind of offering its customers the highest quality line of hoses on the market.

What models of pneumatic hoses do we work with?

Low pressure hoses

In the industry of low pressure hoses for pneumatics, there is a wide variety of models ranging from push-lok to crimp.

In our catalogue for low pressure hoses for pneumatics you will find a wide range of products to meet your quality requirements.

Medium pressure hoses

The medium pressure hoses for pneumatics, is the perfect line of products for the demands of the market where we emphasize without doubt the Parkrimp hoses.

In the catalogue for medium pressure hoses for pneumatics you can see the different models that Eutecnet sells.

High pressure hoses

The models of high-pressure hoses for pneumatics, undoubtedly stand out for their long life in their industry and are applicable to any process in which pressure is an advantage.

The high-pressure hoses of the series Multispiral Parkrimp, Compact Spiral Interlock and ParLock Interlock Skive are highly recommended in our catalogue for high-pressure hoses for pneumatics.

Industrial hoses

Due to the manufacturing process, industrial hoses for pneumatics can be used in delicate industrial processes such as beverages, food and chemicals, thanks to the delicate quality control system to which industrial hoses are exposed.

Our catalog will help you make the right choice by choosing your industrial hose.

Accessories for pneumatic hoses

In addition to hoses for pneumatics, Eutecnet offers a wide variety of accessories to make the connections between hoses or their transport even more efficient and convenient, among which you can find cutting machines, cleaning systems, assemblies, connectors, and so on.



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