New and refurbished equipment

Nitrogen Generation Equipment

In all industries that use nitrogen gas in their daily production processes, generating their own nitrogen without relying on an external supply is a huge cost and time saving. In most installations, the initial investment is amortized in less than two years.

The customized Nitrogen Generation solutions that we design in Eutecnet offer purity and reliability guarantees in the supply of Nitrogen and reducing the logistic, handling and storage inconveniences that external supply entails.

In Eutecnet we work with leading brands in the Gas Generation market and we are official Parker distributors, so we offer a wide range of Generators and accessory equipment to ensure quality and safety in Compressed Air and Gas installations.

Our main objective is that your Nitrogen Generation equipment works as long as possible and that your production does not stop. For that reason, the high quality equipment, together with the Technical Service with wide experience that we put at your disposal, guarantee the maximum savings in energy costs, maintenance and renewal of equipment.

We adapt to your company, study the characteristics of your production and offer you the technological solution that suits you best. We work mainly with two types of generation technology, PSA and Membrane, which allow the generation of Nitrogen from Compressed Air.

PSA Nitrogen Generators

PSA (pressure swing adsorption) nitrogen generators separate the oxygen in the compressed air stream from the nitrogen as it passes through a carbon molecular sieve. They consist of two towers operating as independent tanks, each with a molecular sieve, which alternate between a separation process and a regeneration process.

This technology allows a purity level of 95% to 99.9995% to be obtained.

Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Membrane Nitrogen Generators are based on membrane separation technology, which separates oxygen and water vapor from nitrogen using hollow fiber membranes made from polymers.

Unwanted gases present in the Compressed Air pass easily through the Membrane wall, while Nitrogen is isolated for use as a gas in your application.

nitrogeno de membrana

This technology is preferred in applications where the flow rate of nitrogen required is relatively low and the required purity level does not exceed 99%.

nitrogeno de membrana 2

Reconditioned equipment

At Eutecnet we recondition gas generation equipment, we refurbish them so that our customers have access to equipment in perfect condition for a lower price. These reconditioned equipment generally come from the Renove Plan or the Rental Program, which means that they are equipment without defects or deterioration.

Our Technical Team is in charge of checking, testing and repairing them thoroughly to sell them again with the same features of a new equipment, but at half the price. In addition, for added security and peace of mind, all the refurbished equipment we offer comes with an additional one-year warranty.

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