Hydraulic valves are mechanisms that are designed to regulate the flow of a fluid and are present in many processes in industry.

Our hydraulic valves are prepared to withstand years of wear and tear in demanding cases.

What types of hydraulic valves does Eutecnet sell?

Bestobell Valves

The well-known Bestobell hydraulic valves belong to the type of cryogenic valves and are recognized for their high quality all over the world. The gases used by Bestobell cryogenic valves for hydraulics are oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, liquid natural gas.

In our catalogue you can find a large number of models of this type of Bestobell hydraulic valves that Eutecnet makes available to you.

Manual valves

A manual hydraulic valve is suitable for emergency applications where they can be easily installed and uninstalled. These are examples of manual valves that Eutecnet sells the DL, GM, DM and DMH series that you can study in our catalogue.

Proportional valves

Proportional hydraulic valves serve to increase the flow from a lower flow valve by using their high coil technology. We can highlight the series of valves AP, GP, GTP, DF, HP, JP and DSP that Eutecnet offers in its catalogue of proportional hydraulic valves.

Shuttle Valves

When we talk about Shuttle hydraulic valves, we mean that they are hydraulic valves manufactured "ball””; type with a high tolerance to contamination of fluids and with a leakage of less than 3 drops per minute. The KSW, K2A, K, and ASH valve series that Eutecnet makes available to you in its shuttle hydraulic valve catalogue.

Solenoid valves

The well-known hydraulic solenoid valves allow the total control of the flow of air, gas, water, steam, etc. because they are created for hard tasks where the precision of the closing and the opening position determine its efficiency.

In our catalogue you can find the GS, DSL, DSH and GH series so that in this way we make sure to cover the need that the customer may have with respect to any type of fluid control application.

Accessories for hydraulic valves

The accessories for hydraulic valves are the complement so that the performance of each one of the models of valve is maximum. We can distinguish between some of these types of accessories or complements for hydraulic valves such as bodies and cavities, coils and electronics for hydraulic valves, directional controls, flow controls and load controls.

You can find all these complements in our catalogues for accessories for hydraulic valves that Eutecnet makes available to you.



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