The cylinders for hydraulics, are usually for a heavy industrial use as in energy or energy production in which the robustness and durability of the product line is essential. In addition, the hydraulic cylinders in their different models turn out to be a customizable product.

In Eutecnet we make sure that the product you choose, meets the highest quality characteristics and therefore, we market a large number of cylinders for hydraulics each of which has been tested by the most demanding quality systems.

What models of hydraulic cylinders do we sell?

2H Series Hydraulic Cylinders

Series 2H Hydraulic Cylinders are coupling rod hydraulic cylinders prepared for work at pressures up to 210 bar, depending on the end of your rod.

If you visit our catalogue for hydraulic cylinders of series 2H you will find the cylinder you need for its high versatility.

CHE Series Hydraulic Cylinders

There is no doubt that the hydraulic cylinders of the CHE series are the ideal alternative for those cases in which the working space is insufficient, but on the contrary, a cylinder with high force and operating pressure of up to 140 bar is required.

In the catalogue for hydraulic cylinders of the CHE series you will find the different models that Eutecnet sells.

CHD Series Hydraulic Cylinders

If the working conditions are such that the pressure can be increased up to 207 bar, then the CHD series hydraulic cylinders are the model you are looking for.

See and check in the catalogue for hydraulic cylinders of the CHD series the different characteristics and measurements of the hydraulic cylinders with which Eutecnet works.



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