The tubing for handling fluids and gases are specially built to withstand harsh working conditions, especially for medium and high pressure thanks to the stainless steel design.

As you can see, Eutecnet specializes in marketing tubing for handling fluids and gases with the highest quality on the market.

What models of tubing for handling fluids and gases do we work with?

Medium and high pressure tubing

The series of tubing for medium and high pressure, passes demanding quality controls that ensure that it has seams and its autoclave design ensures the perfect fit.

Take a look at our catalogue for medium and high pressure tubing and you will find a wide range of products to meet your quality requirements.

Technical pipe Parker Legris

Thanks to Parker Legris’; wide range of technical tubing, it is possible to meet any requirement, no matter how large, for example in the medical sector. The materials used in its construction such as polyamide or polyurethane make it simple.

The Parker Legris technical tubing catalogue is at your disposal for any questions regarding the choice of one technical pipe or another.

Transair Advanced Air Tubing Systems

This system consists of a set of flexible aluminium tubing, easy to assemble and disassemble, which has revolutionised the large Transair air pipe constructions for handling fluids and gases, although they can also be found in copper or steel.

Visit the Transair air tubing catalogue for handling fluids and gases that Eutecnet has at your disposal.



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