Each of the filters, cartridges and shells for process filtration has been designed to specifically meet the requirements for each of the possible industry applications, such as sterilization and stabilization of liquids and gases. In the case of laboratories or in the beverage industry, the quality standards are very high.

There are a great number of models of filters among which we highlight the filters for air and gas. However, you will find filters for liquids, steam, beverages and pharmaceuticals.

Due to the demands of the industry, Eutecnet works with filters and cartridges for process filtration, each of which has been supervised by the most demanding quality systems.

What are the types of filters and cartridges for process filtration that Eutecnet markets?

Air and gas filtration

The food and beverage industry is in increasing demand year after year. Therefore, sterile air or gas is of great importance in this industry because it helps to eliminate any microbial contamination.

TEPTOR air filtration filters use a PTFE membrane that ensures an extraordinary performance to sterile air, also available in formats for high temperatures.

HIGH FLOW BIO-X gas filtration filters are used for high flow rates especially in the beverage fermentation industry and the supply of sterile gas to filling machines. They are made of fiberglass materials combined with PTFE.

These filters for air and gas filtration are presented by Eutecnet in its catalogue so that you can make the best decision at the time of your choice.

Filters and cartridges for steam, liquids, beverages and pharmaceuticals

The different industries that use these filters, use the models of filters that Eutecnet puts at their disposal in the catalogue for filtration of processes and that we recommend to see with special attention because they are the models of more use filters and cartridges CRYPTOCLEAR PES, filters and cartridges BEVPOR MT, filters and cartridges PROCLEAR GF, and filters and cartridges PROCLEAR GP, among others.

Cartridges and filter housings

When the environment is very demanding, the cartridges and the cartridges for air and gas filters are important because they help to maintain the useful life of the filter itself, safe from such conditions of temperature, humidity, etc.

PEPLYN AIR filter cartridges are cartridges for gas or air filters that are used to protect sterilizing grade filters in exhaust gas ventilation applications, such as in the beverage fermentation industry, but also stand out for their high degree of chemical compatibility.

The cartridges for BIO-X II filters are cartridges for gas or air filters made with a mixture of muna microfiber of biosilicates. They can be used in the dairy, brewing and food processing industries.

HIGH FLOW BIO-X filter cartridges are cartridges for gas or air filters capable of making filtrations of 0. 01 microns thanks to their manufacturing technology. They are recommended for filtration processes in the food safety and biological industry.

The HBA filter housings marketed by Eutecnet are gas or air filter housings capable of maximizing flow and minimizing pressure drop at specific times. They are specifically designed for use in the beverage and healthcare industry. HBA filter housings are available in standard and plus formats.



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