Mobile measurement for fluid filtration is very important with the Kittiwake series of products with which in a simple, fast and clean, you will be able to make samples in the field to detect the presence of particles or content in substances harmful to the parts of your industrial system.

Below, Eutecnet shows you the various mobile measurement products for fluid filtration, each of which has been monitored by the most demanding quality systems.

What types of mobile fluid filtration measurement does EUTECNET offer?


The high accuracy of ANALEXfdMplus makes it possible to measure the metal particle content of oil samples anywhere, warning of the wear of other valuable parts. The data later can be analyzed in a pc.

This mobile measurement for fluid filtration is presented in our catalogue so that you can make the best decision at the time of your choice.

Monitoring Products

When it comes to mechanical wear, there is a loss in lubrication that can be detected by our monitoring products quickly and with 95% accuracy.

Find in our mobile measurement catalogue for fluid filtration the different models that Eutecnet markets among which we highlight OilCheck, icount LCM20, icountFPS, icountPD and MS200.

EasySHIP DIGI Field Kit

Capable of detecting concentrations of acid or water in oil samples that could cause corrosion in your system.

The EasySHIP DIGI Field Kit catalogue for mobile measurement for fluid filtration shows you the different features of this product.

MHC Bearing Checker

With MHC Bearing Checker, you can perform a low-cost analysis of your industry’s machinery condition with results that can be easily interpreted. Due to its dimensions, MHC Bearing Checker is a product that can be used both in the laboratory and in the workplace.

We have a catalog for MHC Bearing Checker for mobile measurement for fluid filtration shows you the different features of this product.

Heat viscometer

Viscosity is one of the most characteristic physical properties in an oil. In a few minutes, our heat viscometer can determine the viscosity variation of an oil sample, warning us of the danger of wear of other parts in your system. Because of its size, which can be carried in one hand, the Heat Viscometer accompanies you everywhere.

See the features of the Mobile Measuring Heat Viscometer for Fluid Filtration in our catalog.

Low Range DIGI Water Kit

The presence of water in the oils of your industry is a problem if it is not detected in time. The Low Range DIGI Water Kit allows you to perform this test in just a few moments. Its small size allows it to be carried in one hand to the test site.

The complete product description can be found in the catalogue of the Low Range DIGI Water Kit for mobile measurement for fluid filtration.

The THM Analyzer

In just 30 minutes, the THM analyzer analyzes a sample of water to check if it is potable with savings in laboratory costs.

Visit the THM Mobile Measuring Analyzer for Fluid Filtration catalog and see how easily this high quality product works.

10MFP Series

The 10MFP series is the ideal way to carry out a pre-filtration guaranteeing the subsequent transfusion of the fluid and subsequent commissioning. In addition, thanks to the built-in forklift, this product can be transported anywhere in your industry. Among its features, it eliminates free water from your system.

The full product description can be found in the 10MFP Series catalog for mobile fluid filtration measurement.



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